There are TWO options for your bar, NO EXCEPTIONS

Option 1) HOSTED BAR: Paying for all your guests beverages. You will pre select Well, Premium or Super Premium Cocktails when you set your menu details.

Beverages are based upon consumption, there is not a per person set bar amount available. Final bar consumption amount will be on your final billing at the end of your event. There is no cost savings for a beer and wine only bar, nor is a beer and wine only bar an available option.

Special signature drinks upon your prior request start at $16 ++ and up per drink and will be based on product availability.

Option 2) NO HOST BAR: Guests pay for all own beverages with cash or credit card
If you do not wish to pay for your guests beverages and must have a no host bar, then the cash bar fee will apply for this added service. Your guests going up to the main restaurant bar is not an option for your guests no host service, the no host bar fee must be paid by you for a No host bar. Your guests are NOT permitted to use the main restaurant bar. Your staff will take care of the service for all your guests beverage needs. Bar MUST be hosted, no host bar is not an option with a buyout

Under 50 guests $100 ++    Over 51 guests $200 ++  Plus 4.166% Tax and 25% Coordination & Gratuity Fee

Domestic Bottled Beer  $7
Import Bottled Beer  $8
Local Maui, Craft Beer  $9
Non-alcoholic Beer  $7
House Wine starts at $48/bottle

You will make your red and white wine selections closer to your event date. Number of bottles from you is NOT needed. All beverages are based on consumption.

 House Champagne  $42/bottle
Sparkling Cider  $16/bottle
Soft Drinks  $4 
Juice  $5
Bottled Water  $4


Please select the ONE liquor level desired. All beverages are based on consumption and all levels come with Tropical selections

Well Liquor Option

Amsterdam Vodka & Gin
John Barr Scotch
Jim Beam Bourbon
MiCampo Reposado Tequila
Rumhaven & Kula Dark and Light Rum

$12/Tropical Well Cocktails $14

All costs will be plus 4.166% tax and 25% Coordination fee/Service charge

Premium Liquor Option

 Tito’s & Ketel One Vodka
Tanqueray Gin
Bacardi Silver Rum
Dewer’s White Label Scotch
Camerena Silver Tequila & Resposado
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Aviation Gin
Jack Daniels Whiskey
Jameson Irish Whiskey
Makers Mark Bourbon

$14 / Tropical Premium Cocktails $16

All costs will be plus 4.166% tax and 25% Coordination fee/Service charge

Super Premium Liquor Option

Tres Generations Reposado Tequila
Bacardi Silver Rum & Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum

Gray Goose Vodka
Woodford Reserve Bourbon
J.W. Black Label Scotch
Bombay Sapphire Gin
Patron Silver Tequila

$16/Super Premium Tropical Cocktails $18

All costs will be plus 4.166% tax and 25% Coordination fee & gratuity. Drinking age in the state of Hawaii is 21. ID will be required if you look under 30.